How it works

How it works


Rent a bike

1. Search for station and available bikes

The PubliBike stations are easily recognizable by their totem. You can locate them and find the nearest stations using the app. Available bikes and e-bikes are displayed when you click on the station.


2. Choose your bike

You can choose the desired bike or e-bike at the station. Check that the bike has no damage before you take off. If it has any damage, you can report it directly via the app.


3. Open the bike lock and get going

The bike lock is located behind the saddle. To wake it up, just press the button. Place your smartphone with the open app about 20 cm from the display and the lock will open itself. Alternatively, you can use your registered SwissPass. More information is available in our YouTube tutorial.


Take an intermediate stop

1. Close the bike lock outside a station

Close the bike lock manually until you hear a “click”. The display shows that the bike is now in an intermediate stop. A YouTube tutorial is also available.


2. Enjoy your break

The bike is reserved for you and cannot be rented by any other user. During the intermediate stop, the ride remains active and is billed accordingly.


3. Reopen the bike lock and continue your ride

Wake the bike lock by pressing the button and approach the smartphone with open PubliBike app towards the display. Alternatively, you can use your registered SwissPass.


End your ride

1. Ride to a station and park the bike

The bike can be parked free at all PubliBike stations. These are easily recognizable by their totem. All stations are marked on the map in the app.


2. Close the bike lock

Close the bike lock manually until you hear a “click”. The ride is automatically terminated, and the bike is available again. This YouTube tutorial illustrates the process.


3. Overview of my rides

All current and completed rides can be seen in your account. Ride costs are automatically charged to your credit card.

The perfect bike for the city

Compact and easy to use, cycling in the city is fun

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