Yellow and black on the way

It's been 121 years since the story of Yellow and Black first started. On 14 March 1898, four high school students founded FC Young Boys. The club name Young Boys was derived from the then very popular Basler club Old Boys, and the club colours yellow and black were adopted.

Entry of the 13 championship bicycles during the  half-time break on 25.5.2019



More than 100 years later, the BSC Young Boys are celebrating the 13th championship title in their long football history. On Saturday, 25 May 2019, the cup ceremony took place at the Stade de Suisse in Bern and was celebrated extensively. There was a special surprise during the half-time break. From among the most loyal fans of the season, 13 people were drawn by lottery to receive a signed championship jersey and were allowed to ride to the stadium on PubliBike's championship bikes. We congratulate the BSC Young Boys on the 13th championship title and are happy about the cooperation as well as about the 13 yellow-black championship bikes, which will be rolling in the  «Velo Bern»  network from now on.


13 championship bikes now rolling in the "Velo Bern" network



Mobile from start to finish


Since 2009, PubliBike has been offering a number of bike-sharing networks throughout Switzerland and is continuously expanding the programme.