Availability of bicycles in the Berne network

Unfortunately, we have to set up a restricted service in the Berne network, because our logistics partner puts some employees on leave to protect them against coronavirus, due to cantonal regulations.


What are the consequences for you? We will gradually remove e-bikes from the network and keep only mechanical bikes, which means 800 bikes.


Why e-bikes? Because these are the bikes that require the most maintenance, especially with the replacement of batteries. With fewer employees, we have to concentrate our energy on rebalancing the stations optimally, i.e. avoiding that some stations are empty while others are overloaded. At the same time, we must of course continue to provide complete maintenance of the mechanical bikes (tyre inflation, brake replacement, etc.).


Do you want to help us? We are currently doing everything we can to make sure that you don't end up in front of empty stations. If, when you bring your bike back, you find that the station is already full, bring back your bike at the next station. With this small gesture, you allow our employees on site to optimize their efficiency.


We thank you in advance for your understanding and solidarity. Take care of yourself and have a good journey with PubliBike!