Back to work – at the peak of fitness!

September is here! The holidays are already over and this year, we can say that we had a truly beautiful summer. We hope that your batteries are fully recharged and that you're keen to devote some time to sports once you return to work!

Do some sport – YES, but …

As soon as you go back to work, you're usually faced with a series of new challenges – not only in the office, but elsewhere too!


"That yoga course on Thursdays looks very tempting, but what with Charlotte's piano lesson on Monday, the ironing to do on Tuesday, Tom's football training on Wednesday, an after-work get-together with friends or colleagues on one Thursday each month … and so on ... there's not much free time left! So, YES, do some sport – but when???"


So that means you're back to square one: "What can I possibly do to lose those two kilos that mysteriously appeared this summer, even though I was so careful to choose the grilled chicken breast instead of the full-fat sausages?? All right, to be fair, I admit that I maybe added a spot of sauce … well, quite a lot … and perhaps I went overboard on the desserts …"


And then, after just a few weeks back at work, you give up hope and tell yourself that you'll finally do something about sport – in January.


After all, the month for good resolutions is January, not September – isn't it?!

Recommendations by the WHO

Now, did you know that there's no need to spend hours on the treadmill to be in good health and feel fit? In fact, all that's required is to practice a regular sporting activity.


The World Health Organization recommends adults to spend at least 150 minutes during each week on a moderately intensive endurance activity, in periods of no less than 10 minutes.


That changes everything, don't you think?

What about riding a bike?

So what's the solution? Bike to work! And – guess what? This category of activity includes riding an e-bike!


What's more, the timing is excellent now that PubliBike is available more or less everywhere in Switzerland. We're sure that an e-bike is waiting for you near your home or your office.


To find out, take a look at the network map here and to learn how it works.

So exactly how do I go about it?

If you ride a bike just twice a day for only ten minutes, from Monday to Friday, you will already clock up 100 minutes of moderately intensive endurance activity.

If your outward journey takes 15 minutes, you will already have reached 150 minutes per week.

And if you add in a short ride by the lakeside at the weekend, you'll actually be over the minimum – with no need to change your schedule!


It's quite difficult to give an exact number for the calories that you'll burn, because that depends on your gender, age, height and weight. But as a rough guide, for someone weighing 60 kg, 20 minutes of riding an e-bike will burn about 135 kcal, or the equivalent of one bar of dark chocolate or two average-sized pears.


Someone weighing 80kg who rides an e-bike for an average of 30 minutes per day will burn about 270 calories, equivalent to two average-sized bananas or three bars of milk chocolate.

In addition, try to eat a more healthy diet by varying your food and reducing sugars and "bad" fats. Nowadays, there are also plenty of websites, apps and Instagram accounts to give you ideas on recipes that are easy to make. Here's our absolute favourite. 


So there are no longer any excuses for putting good resolutions off until January: hop onto your #PubliBike and go back to work at the peak of fitness! 



Mobile from start to finish


Since 2009, PubliBike has been offering a number of bike-sharing networks throughout Switzerland and is continuously expanding the programme.