View of La Côte: the most beautiful rides in Nyon

Perfectly situated between Lausanne and Geneva, the town of Nyon is the ideal starting point to discover one of Switzerland’s most beautiful regions. From lakeshore rides and forest trips to terrace strolls and cultural visits, follow the guide and embark on a tailor-made tour à la PubliBike!

Town tour

If Nyon’s surroundings are perfect for walks, the town itself has its fair share of riches and is particularly pleasant to explore by bike. Choose the PubliBike plan that matches your needs, take a look at the instructions on our website and off you go!


Your bike awaits you at the PubliBike station by the railway station. A short ride down the gentle slopes of the Roman town will bring you to the shore of the lake, with a few must-see stops along the way. The Esplanade des Marronniers with its stunning panorama is sure to make you slow down to enjoy the view. It’s also the venue for lots of free events and concerts, listed on the programme here. A short detour through the magnificent Conservatory garden is another must and will lead you to the famous plage des Trois Jetées, a perfect introduction to the dolce vita of Nyon. In July and August, the lakeshore sways to the rhythm of the Rive Jazzy, a free festival with an attractive line-up!


Don’t limit yourself to these few essentials; the town of Nyon rewards curious visitors and those with an appetite for adventure!

A lovely town with a beautiful history

Trodden in turn by Roman sandals, the shoes of angry Bernese invaders and the famous mud-soaked boots of Paléo festival-goers, the streets of Nyon are full of historic and cultural treasures, so taking a few moments to explore this eventful past is an ideal starting point.


And you don’t have to go far to do so! Easily accessible in the town, the Roman Museum and the Musée du Léman have plenty to quench your thirst for history. The Roman Museum tells the story of Noviodunum, the name under which the town was founded by Julius Caesar some 2,000 years ago. The Musée du Léman lets you immerse yourself in Europe’s biggest lake, showcasing its wildlife and the history of navigation.


If you’re inspired by this cultural and historic heritage, consider stopping at the Tourist Office to pick up a Museum Pass: this will give you access to all the museums mentioned in this article and many others, all for the modest sum of CHF 12.00!

Ride by the waterside

This wonderful lakeshore outing will take you east towards the municipality of Prangins. After a pleasant ride along the waterfront to the PubliBike station, it’s well worth parking your bike here for a while to enjoy the charming surroundings!


Magnificently developed, the shores of Lake Geneva are full of attractions and have something for everyone. Around the terrace of les Abériaux, lovers of sports, fishing and afternoon drinks gather in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. The lounge-like ambiance of La Barcarolle, meanwhile, is perfect for sipping a Spritz and enjoying a spot of relaxation against the backdrop of Promenthoux beach, easily one of the nicest in the region.


And since culture and history are never far away, the magnificent Château de Prangins also houses the western branch of the Swiss National Museum. Don’t miss your chance to visit this showcase of patriotic history in a unique setting, with its sumptuous grounds and a kitchen garden where the vegetables of yesteryear are still grown. Best of all, you can also dine in style there!

Forest trip

Another of the region’s unmissable attractions is the Bois de Chênes nature reserve, a real gem of greenery that can be explored on foot or by bike. It’s a perfect place for a nice ride and we can’t recommend it highly enough. You can get there easily by bike, though it’s quite a climb! Less regular cyclists will appreciate the option to spare their legs by borrowing an e-bike.


Another way to reach the Bois de Chênes is by following the famous Toblerone Trail, named after the iconic anti-tank fortifications along its course. This hiking hotspot is closed to cyclists, but you can find PubliBike stations on both sides of the route!



The wines of La Côte

No inventory of the charms of La Côte, with its “heady” wine-growing heritage, could fail to mention the countless wine cellars. From Château de Duillier to Signy, from Coinsins to Arnex, there are so many places that will delight the most demanding palate. If you’re a real enthusiast, though, make sure you have someone to drive you home!

On your bikes!

Of course, the riches of this region aren’t limited to these few suggestions. If you love riding by the waterside you can easily extend your outing to Gland or, if you wish, reach the networks in Morges or even Lausanne! Eager to sample the pleasures of the thermal baths in neighbouring France? Remember that PubliBike can also be found in Divonne-les-Bains. All in all, remember that this is a region full of museums, natural wonders and impressive castles. So, refer to the list of PubliBike stations and create your own routes to discover this wonderful corner of Switzerland in the most pleasant and enjoyable way!



Mobile from start to finish

Since 2009, PubliBike has been offering a number of bike-sharing networks throughout Switzerland and is continuously expanding the programme.