A summer’s day in Sion with PubliBike

The capital of Valais is known as Switzerland’s sunniest town, so what better opportunity to discover it than a summer’s day? Rent a bike from PubliBike and set off on a refreshing trip that will immerse you in medieval history and a subterranean lake 70 metres below the surface…


Sion railway station is where your journey begins. Choose a bike from the adjacent station and saddle up for a day of discoveries in the heart of Valais! A word of advice to anyone with sensitive legs: when it comes to climbing the steep hills of Sion, an e-bike may be a lifesaver...

See the sights of the medieval city: the cathedral, the town hall and the Witches’ Tower

Just a short distance away, the medieval Old Town is your first destination. A number of historic gems await you here, including the Cathedral of Our Lady of Sion, the town hall and the Witches’ Tower – the last trace of the old city fortifications. Once you’ve admired these monuments, take a break in one of the Old Town’s picturesque cafés before continuing your ride towards the Valère Basilica.

Tackling the two landmarks of Sion: Valère and Tourbillon

It’s a tough climb but well worth the effort! In this 12th century basilica, you’ll find the world’s oldest playable organ, the Valais History Museum and a stunning panoramic view from Sion to Martigny! On top of the opposite hill, your next objective reveals itself: the majestic Tourbillon Castle. Since it cannot be accessed by bike, the best option is to make an intermediary stop on the square below the two castles. All you need to do is lock your PubliBike following the instructions and retrieve it after your visit.

A break in a bathing paradise

After all that cultural activity, it’s time to relax! A 15-minute bike ride from the town centre will bring you to a real oasis of fun and freshness known as Domaine Les Iles. You’ll be able to bathe in the turquoise waters of a lake or enjoy one of the site’s many activities (including beach volleyball, trampolining, an Adventure Park and miniature golf). If you fancy a bite to eat, take your pick from the restaurant or one of the fully equipped picnic spots.

Witness the wonders of the deep at the Saint-Léonard underground lake

The final stage will bring you to an extraordinary place, even more refreshing than the last: the Saint-Léonard lake. It takes about 40 minutes to cycle there from the Domaine Les Iles on the way towards Sierre. Once you’ve arrived, go underground and be enchanted by the largest natural and navigable subterranean lake in Europe. A boat ride will reveal the mysteries of this grotto where the temperature is a constant 15℃ - a welcome break from the heat before you start the return journey. If Sion railway station seems too far away, leave your bike at the “Hôpital – CRR” PubliBike station in Sion and take the bus back to the start, reminiscing about all the things you’ve seen under the sun and the ground…



Mobile from start to finish


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