5 tips and tricks to enjoy PubliBike this summer


That's it, summer is here. Sun, swimming pool, barbecue, outings and walks are on the agenda every day. And summer is also the ideal time to get around town easily and quickly with PubliBike! Discover our 5 simple and effective tips to make the most of your freedom on two wheels during these sunny weeks.


1. Your loyal companion


Whether it is for a trip on Monday morning, an outing on Sunday afternoon or a nighttime break, PubliBike is available for you every day, 24 hours a day. And this, in our 8 networks in Switzerland! Our app lets you locate the nearest stations and find out how many bikes and e-bikes are available. The map is on our website too.

Our first tip for you is simple: open our app (or go to our website) and check where the nearest station is located. Our bicycles and e-bikes are waiting for you, no matter what time you go there.


2. Your registration in no time at all


To create a PubliBike account, you will need to insert a payment method. We accept credit cards (VISA / MasterCard) or PostFinance debit cards.

Second tip: before you register, have your payment method handy. That way you'll save time.

You can register at any time. If you spontaneously decide to join our PubliBike family, you will have to wait five minutes between your registration and your first bike loan. That's how long it will take for our system to recognize a new user and transmit the info to the station where you are.

Our bikes, your choice: you can stop where you want, when you want.



3. A moment for yourself alone


Would you like to take a break by the lake? Eat ice cream in your favorite gelateria? Have an iced coffee with friends? With PubliBike, you can make intermediate stops with ease. All you have to do is manually close the lock until you hear a click when you reach your resting spot. The pause symbol will appear on the lock display. This means that the bike is reserved for you and no other user will be able to unlock it. When you want to ride again, simply open the lock again by pressing the grey button and holding your means of access (via our PubliBike app or with your SwissPass previously registered via our website).

Our third recommendation? Check and see if a PubliBike station is nearby. If you close the lock while your bike is near a station, the lock will communicate with the station, which thinks you've returned the bike and will end your ride. You can enjoy your time, then pick up a bike at the station whenever you want to start a new ride.


4. Your free half-hour


Since the beginning of the year, we have been offering you monthly subscriptions in addition to our annual subscriptions. They work the same way as Netflix or Spotify and allow you to use our system in a flexible way. And so our fourth tip is very simple and you will probably have already thought about it: if you ride our bikes and e-bikes frequently, choose an EasyBike or FreeBike monthly subscription. With an EasyBike, the first half hour is offered to you for each trip made with a normal bike. If you prefer to borrow e-bikes, the FreeBike subscription will be more suitable for your needs. With a FreeBike, the first 30 minutes are free, whether you borrow a mechanical bike or an e-bike.


5. Your support at hand


An accident? A problem? A stolen bike? We are here for you. Have you ever visited our YouTube channel? Read our FAQs?

In case you still haven't found answers to your questions, our final piece of advice is to contact our hotline at 058 453 50 50 50. Our customer service is available every day from 6am to 7pm and in 4 languages (French, English, German, Italian).


PubliBike wishes you a great summer!