Celebrating spring in the city!

Now that the days are warmer again, the idea of using your bike more often doesn't seem completely out of place to you either? Whether you are a complete newcomer to the cycling scene or a seasoned bike fanatic, come join us at the Urban Bike Festival, where everything revolves around bikes. It makes no difference if you belong to Generation Z, Y or X, since the programme is as varied as the different generations. Let yourself be inspired by everything cycling and maybe you'll soon be getting in the saddle more often too.

Press conference at the opening of the «Züri Velo» network a year ago


Last year's Urban Bike Festival was a very special moment for the PubliBike family. We were looking forward to it for a long time and this day definitely left a lasting impression in the biking world: It was the official opening of the bike sharing network «Züri Velo». In other words, there is also a birthday to celebrate: the first year of «Züri Velo».




What awaits you at the Urban Bike Festival?
Many specialists in the field of bikes and bike accessories are waiting for you on the grounds near the Schiffbau and Turbinenplatz. A few cool stunts are of course not to be missed. The world famous bike acrobat Danny MacAskill will once again give you goose bumps this year with his impressive bike stunts. His career started exactly 10 years ago in April 2019 with the video «Inspired Bicycles».

Danny MacAskill with his Drop and Roll Show


Of course, good food and drink are an integral part of such a festival. Have you ever had a cappuccino made with pedal power? Or would a juicy hamburger score more points with you? That and many other culinary delights await you again this year.



«Give the people some of your time...» Steve Pat
In keeping with the quote Steve Pat once gave to the bike acrobat Danny MacAskill, we would like to give you some of our time and answer all your questions about bike sharing: come by our booth at Turbinenplatz at the Urban Bike Festival. We are looking forward to seeing you!



Mobile from start to finish


Since 2009, PubliBike has been offering a number of bike-sharing networks throughout Switzerland and is continuously expanding the programme.