The Agglo Fribourg-Freiburg network is expanding

The PubliBike Agglo Fribourg-Freiburg network was expanded from 9 to 21 stations. 


In July 2018, PubliBike inaugurated the Agglo Freiburg-Freiburg network. In addition to the 9 existing stations, 12 new stations were put into service last week:  "Bourgknecht", "Quartier d'Alt", "Sainte-Thérèse", "MediaParc", "Champriond", "Beaumont FR", "Rue du Simplon", "Fribourg Gare Nord", "Place Georges Python", "La Motta", "La Neuveville" and "Hôpital cantonal". A total of 21 stations and 162 bikes (75% of which are e-bikes) are currently available in the Fribourg network.

Come and check out our new bikes and e-bikes. Thanks to the new system, it is possible to borrow a bike with the app or the SwissPass, as well as and make intermediate stops.


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Check out all our stations on our map.