Inauguration of four new stations in the "Région de Nyon" network: in Rolle, Eysins and Founex.

Today, the elected representatives of the municipalities in the Region of Nyon inaugurated the "Château de Rolle" station in the Rolle Municipilaty. This launches the first phase of the network extension in the Region of Nyon. Rolle also has a second station located at the pier. In addition, a station in Eysins (Rue du Vieux-Collège 31-1) is also being put into service as of today. The installation in Founex (Grand-Rue 29) is in progress.
The extension should continue in the coming months in Nyon, Gland, Coppet and Mies. This year, the Nyon Region network is expanding from 13 to 27 stations, with the fleet increasing from 130 to 200 bikes. Next year it will increase to 50 stations, with a total of 300 bikes, half of which are electric. "This is a significant move in the direction of sustainable mobility," said Gérald Cretegny, President of the Région de Nyon, before cutting the ribbon with the leaders of the neighbouring municipalities and the CEO of PubliBike.
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