Ride for the next generation

On 12 August, it is International Youth Day.

The aim of this day is to promote youth in this phase of life. Together with IdéeSport, we are therefore launching the "Ride for the next generation" action!

Who is IdéeSport?

IdéeSport has been involved in the promotion of children and young people in Switzerland since 1999 and uses sport as a means of preventing addiction and promoting health, social integration and equal opportunities.

With their programmes MidnightSports, EverFresh, OpenSunday, MiniMove, MoveYourSummer and the CoachProgramme, they open up spaces for sport and movement and thus enable children and young people to meet regularly across cultural and social boundaries at 165 locations throughout Switzerland.


In this way, we want to support health promotion, social integration and equal opportunities for children and young people in Switzerland.

So let's make a difference together; ride a PubliBike and act for the youth!


How does it work?

For every PubliBike ride on 12 August, CHF 0.20 will be donated to IdéeSport - regardless of whether your ride cost you anything or not.


Find out more about the "Ride for the next generation" action and how the funds raised will be used with Reto Mayer, Executive Director of IdéeSport.