PubliBike's Bike sharing offer doubles in Ticino

The development of PubliBike continues in Mendrisiotto-Basso Ceresio with the launch today, Monday 21 June 2021, of a total of 20 new stations in the municipalities of Mendrisio, Castel San Pietro, Stabio, Morbio Inferiore and Riva San Vitale (the complete list of stations is at the end of this email).
By the end of the year, a total of 97 stations and 720 PubliBike bicycles (50% of which will be e-bikes) will be available in the Sottoceneri region, between Mendrisiotto-Basso Ceresio and Lugano-Malcantone.
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Besazio Nucleo

Capolago Stazione FFS

Genestrerio Nucleo

Ligornetto Nucleo

Mendrisio Piscine

Mendrisio Museo

Mendrisio Comparto Scuole

Mendrisio Centro

Mendrisio La Filanda

Mendrisio Ospedale

Mendrisio Adorna

Arzo Scuole

Mendrisio Stazione FFS


Castel San Pietro

Alle Zocche

Alla Chiesa



Via Arca – Via Pozzetto

Via Luvee


Morbio Inferiore

Morbio Serfontana             

Morbio Municipio


Riva San Vitale

Piazzale a Lago (coming soon)