Our upgraded networks are up and running!

PubliBike unveils its new system on the networks in Lausanne-Morges and Lugano! Important new features await you – upgraded stations, new bikes and e-bikes, a new app and much more… 


As announced this summer, PubliBike has developed a revolutionary new system. After several months of hard work, we’ve done it! The first new networks equipped with the new system are now at your disposal. Late this autumn, we have reopened the networks in Lausanne-Morges and Lugano. The modernization of the network in Sion is planned at the beginning of next year. In 2018, PubliBike will also inaugurate the Switzerland biggest bike sharing networks in Bern und Zurich.


With this new PubliBike generation, important new features await you. First, brand new bikes and e-bikes have replaced the old fleet. They are smaller, easier to manoeuvre and specifically developed for bike sharing services. The lock is now integrated, which enables you to make intermediary stops without the need for a docking station. But that’s not all – we also redesigned our website and developed a new application. Available now on the App Store and GooglePlay, it’s your key to unlock the bike. Use the app to pull up a map of the network and view the number of bikes available at each station. You can also rent our bikes, using your SwissPass previously registered in your customer account.


As you can see, PubliBike is now at the cutting edge of technology, featuring a new system and a new fleet. A perfect way to simplify your bike use and relieve your calf muscles! Convinced? Don’t wait any longer and register! And if you were a subscriber on our old system, we will contact you in the coming days to help you access our new bikes!