Reopening of the Lausanne-Morges Network

We’re opening 15 stations today! 33 of 39 stations are now open.

We have now reached phase 3 of the gradual reopening of the Lausanne-Morges network. After the implementation of phase 2 at the beginning of October, we are now in a position to open almost the entire Lausanne-Morges network. Namely, we can add 15 new stations to the 18 already in service. However, we still have to leave six stations closed - these stations were most impacted this summer and are therefore more likely to be vandalized again.
Starting today, Monday, November 2, 2020, we are reopening the following stations:

  • Ouchy (Place de la Navigation, Lausanne)
  • Grand-Rive (Avenue de Rhodanie 40, Lausanne)
  • Paudex (Route du Lac, Paudex)
  • Lausanne Gare CFF Nord (Avenue de la Gare, Lausanne)
  • Place de l’Europe (Place Centrale, Lausanne)
  • Chauderon (Place Chauderon 11, Lausanne)
  • Riponne (Place de la Riponne 7, Lausanne)
  • Mirabeau (Avenue de la Gare 12A, Lausanne)
  • Gracieuse (Avenue de Lonay, Morges)
  • Dufour (Place Dufour, Morges)
  • Temple (Grand-Rue, Morges)
  • Casino (Place du Casino, Morges)
  • Préverenges (Route de Genève, Préverenges)
  • Sablon (Rue Centrale, Morges)
  • Cerisaie (Avenue du Tir Fédéral 88, Ecublens)

For now, the following stations remain closed:

  • Place du Marché (Rue du Midi, Renens)
  • Longemalle (Avenue de Longemalle, Renens)
  • Halte de Malley (Avenue du Chablais, Prilly)
  • Croset (Route du Bois 29a, Ecublens)
  • Gare de Renens (Avenue d’Epenex 1, Chavannes-près-Renens)
  • Prilly-Centre (Route de Cossonay 28, Prilly)

These stations are out of service: Penalties will be applied if you return bikes to one of these inactive stations.

We thank you for your understanding and wish you pleasant rides with PubliBike!