Partial Reopening of the Lausanne-Morges Network

At the beginning of July, we were forced to close the entire Lausanne-Morges network, due to unprecedented acts of vandalism. Thanks to the remarkable work of the Le Relais Foundation team and PubliBike employees, three quarters of the damaged bikes have been repaired and some of the locks replaced.
We have decided to gradually open up the network by carrying out a test phase: about a hundred bikes will be put into service on the UNIL and EPFL campuses starting on 14 September 2020. If this phase of about 3 weeks goes smoothly, we will be able to continue to gradually open the network, until we reach a complete reopening at the end of October. Each phase depends on the success of the previous one. You can borrow and return our bikes and e-bikes, but only on the UNIL and EPFL campus. The other stations of the Lausanne-Morges network are out of service, and penalties will be applied if you return a bike to an inactive station off campus.
Stations and bikes will be placed under surveillance. In this way, we hope to be able to limit or even eliminate acts of vandalism. If, despite our efforts, the situation does not improve, we will be forced to close down some stations or even the entire network again.

Here is the complete list of the 12 stations opening on September 14, 2020:

  • Unil Centre
  • Colladon
  • Mouline
  • Piccard
  • Rivier
  • Place Alan Turing
  • Sorge
  • Dorigny
  • Quartier de l'innovation
  • Centre Sportif UNIL EPFL
  • Quartier nord
  • Forel

We hope that this test phase will be a success. We will keep you informed of the outcome here and on social networks. Thank you for your understanding.