Enjoy the freedom of limitless mobility

With the new SBB Green Class mobility subscription, you can easily and conveniently combine different means of transport at your convenience. There are now four electric cars to choose from.


For the first time, SBB Green Class offers mobility services on rail and road in one subscription. SBB and its partners are thus opening up new avenues for sustainable door-to-door mobility.



SBB Green Class combines a General Abonnement (GA), your own electric car including insurance and services, parking at the station, car sharing, bike sharing, taxi and other services in one mobility subscription. The subscription is available as a Premium or Comfort version. With the two subscriptions, you can choose between GA 1st class and 2nd class. From now on you can also choose between different electric cars. In addition to the BMW i3 compact car, there are two compact class cars to choose from: the new Nissan Leaf and the VW e-Golf, as well as the Tesla Model S luxury car. The mobility subscriptions are available at an attractive fixed price starting from a duration of 12 months.



PubliBike is a partner of SBB Green Class.