Happy birthday «Züri Velo»!

«Züri Velo»  has grown to 112 stations and 1400 bikes in its first year. Since April 2018, customers have made around 270,000 trips.


The «Züri Velo» network has been continuously expanded since its opening on 6 April 2018. Currently, 1400 bicycles are available to customers at 112 stations. With 150 stations and 2250 bikes, of which 1200 are e-bikes, the city network will be complete by summer 2019. In the first year of operation, users took more than 270,000 rides, which corresponds to approximately 700,000 kilometers. Twenty employees of the Social Services and Enterprises of the City of Zurich (SEB) are responsible for maintaining the network on behalf of PubliBike.


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