PubliBike takes you to the Swiss Bike Park in Oberried

Our partner wanted to offer the possibility to join the Swiss Bike Park and Thömus as sustainably as possible and by public transport. For this reason, he created a private micro network with new PubliBike stations.
From Gasel or Thörishaus station, it is now possible to easily get to Oberried and the Swiss Bike Park / Thömus and come back. At the same time, the bike route differs from the usual city tours. Breathtaking rural landscapes and lots of nature will follow you along the way - a real feeling of freedom!
In any case, a visit to the Swiss Bike Park is worthwhile. The park has something to offer to all bike lovers or to those who would like to be one, whether they are amateur bikers or competitive athletes.
From September 8 to 11, 2022, a visit is doubly worthwhile! Discover the park with your own bike or with a rented bike and take advantage of the special offers from Thömus.