Belpstrasse 37
3030 Bern

System I

System I


Each station consists of a terminal with a touch screen where you can identify yourself and remove or return your bike.

Etappe - System I

Pick up

  1. Touch the screen
  2. Place the PubliBike card on the terminal card reader
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen
  4. Collect your bike and inspect its condition. If you find any damage, report it directly on the terminal.
  5. For e-bikes: check the battery charge level. Turn on the electronic system by pressing the on/off control button near the left handlebar. You can use the Assist button to adjust the level of pedalling assistance from the electric motor.
  6. Adjust the seat height - and off you go!



      7.  Return the bike to a docking station and wait for confirmation (green light = return OK). If the bike has been damaged,                    report it directly on the terminal.