Belpstrasse 37
3030 Bern

System IIa

System 2a/2b


Each station consists of a terminal and docking stations where you can identify yourself and remove or return your bike. The terminal shows you the nearest stations and sales points for purchasing day passes.


Pick up

With a PubliBike customer card or a DayBike:

Etappe I - System IIa


  1. Place your user card on the card reader.
  2. Wait for the flashing green light and beeping sound to speed up. The lock will then be released. Remove the bike from the slot.
  3. Adjust the saddle and inspect the condition of the bike. If you are hiring an e-bike, turn on the battery which is under the luggage rack - and off you go!

If the bike is damaged, contact customer service and take another bike.



Etappe 2 - System IIa


  1. Once you have arrived at your destination, place your bike in a free docking station. If there are no free docking stations, the bike must be returned to another station.
  2. Place your user card on the card reader. Make sure you pull it out of your wallet.
  3. When the beeping sound speeds up and the lock is released, insert the bike into the attachment system, making sure that it is parallel to the slot.


Please note

  • A green light confirms that the bike has been returned. Red light: the bike is not attached properly and you are still considered to be responsible for the bike. 
  • A bike cannot be returned to a different network to the one where it was hired due to technical incompatibility. Only a few networks are compatible with each other: Agglo Fribourg and Les Lacs-Romont.