Belpstrasse 37
3030 Bern

Rent and ride

For members

  1. Place the PubliBike card on the card reader
  2. Follow the instructions on the screen
  3. Inspect the bike. If you find any damage, report it directly on the terminal.
  4. For e-bikes: check the battery charge level. Turn on the electronic by pressing the on/off button on the left-hand side of the handlebar. The level of support for more/less pedaling effort thanks to the electric motor is adjusted by means of the Assist button.
  5. Adjust the seat height - and off you go!

Our system will soon be available to spontaneous users by credit card!

Safety information

All traffic regulations must be followed. For reasons of logistics and hygiene, the operator is unable to provide helmets. We recommend that you use your own helmet. Please note that we accept no liability.

Inspect the bike. Any damage you may find must be reported directly on the terminal. By this control, of particular importance is to check that the breaks and lights function properly and that the tires have sufficient air. If you detect any problem during your inspection, the bike is considered to be unfit for the road and must not be used.

Making a stop

If you wish to stop for a while, you can secure the rental bike with the integrated frame lock. You must always carry the key with you and leave it in the lock when you return the bike.

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