Belpstrasse 37
3030 Bern


Developed for self-service bicycling

Our bike, comfortable, solid and unisex, has been developed specially for self-service bicycling in collaboration with the manufacturer Tour de Suisse. A metal basket, placed lengthwise, provides enough room for a large briefcase or a backpack. The E-bike charges directly at the station. 



One button for everything!

The One-Button-System that allows turning on the battery is an intuitive and user-friendly system. With this battery, the optimal pedalling assistance is automatically adjusted during the ride. The charging status can be checked before departure on the battery level display. 


Enjoyable speed

The continuously variable drivetrain, equipped with a self-explanatory display, allows a smooth gear switching and covers a vast range of development. 



Reliable brakes at all times

The very efficient disk brake was set up following PubliBike’s demand and guarantees a secure stop at all times. This system ensures that PubliBike’s new E-Bike stands one step ahead of commercial models. The brake requires only little service and is efficient and resistant in all weather conditions.