**Information about the Zurich network**

Due to construction work in the underground parking lot, the "ETH Zentrum" station will be withdrawn from 12.06.2021 until autumn 2022. During this period, three alternative stations will be available

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World Environment Day!

Environment and sustainable development are topics dear to our hearts. 

On a daily basis, we are committed to the environment through our shared mobility service. In addition, we are currently testing various solutions to reduce our carbon footprint.


World Bicycle Day

Thursday, June 3rd is World Bicycle Day. While some of us use our bikes to get to work, there are also people who use them for many other activities. We asked our PubliBike colleagues how they use their bikes! And sometimes the answers are astonishing. Check out the article and discover the hidden talents of PubliBike employees!

PubliBike's Bike sharing offer doubles in Ticino

Great news for bike sharing fans in Ticino: in addition to the Lugano-Malcantone region, you can now borrow PubliBike bikes in the Mendrisiotto-Basso Ceresio region.  So now you can move freely from Chiasso to Lugano!