Become a PubliBike partner

Nowadays, big brands are battling to associate their image with a bike-sharing service: Coca Cola Zero in Dublin and Belfast, Lipton Ice Tea in Brisbane, Vodafone in Barcelona, Nike in Portland etc.



Because their logo travels with the bikes and their riders:

  • from one end of the city to the other
  • several times a day
  • day and night
  • during the week and on weekends
  • on an innovative and prominent advertising medium which conveys a lot of goodwill and positivity


But especially

because they can then position themselves as pioneers in encouraging their employees and customers to get mobile.

Sponsor a network or a region

Associate your image with a cool, sustainable urban service through sponsorship. Our stations and bikes are powerful marketing tools, offering an innovative and prominent form of advertising.


Principal sponsor

Total association with the image of the self-service bike hire network, a strategic partner. A clear presence on communication tools.


Service sponsor

Service provider keeping the network running.


Factsheet sponsoring

Mentoring a PubliBike station

Install a bike station in front of your business and encourage your staff and customers to get mobile, while handing over the management of the bikes and e-bikes to professionals. PubliBike takes care of everything!



  • Sation and bikes in front of your business
  • Special price membership for your employees valid throughout Switzerland
  • Naming of station and presence on the totem, app and website
  • Communication and promotions within your company
  • Hotline
  • Fleet management and bike maintenance


Factsheet mentoring

Advertising that’s on the move several times a day

Stand out as an advertiser by associating yourself with a cool and sustainable urban service.


Our customers include commuters, businessmen and women, students and tourists. With PubliBike, you reach users as well as locals and visitors to the city.


Factsheet advertising

Mobility of your employees

Position yourself as an attractive employer that cares about employee health by investing in sustainable mobility.


Factsheet mobility of your employees