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Velostation - Lausanne

Subscriptions and rates

Membership velostation  Price (CHF)
 Annually  120.-
 Monthly*  12.-
Combined annual membership  (velostation and bike sharing) Price (CHF)
 Velostation and SwissBike  180.-
 Velostation and RegioBike Yverdon-les-Bains / Les Lacs-Romont / Sion / Berne  145.-
 Velostation and RegioBike Agglo Fribourg / Lausanne-Morges / La Côte  155.-

A one-off fee of CHF 10.- for the membership card applies in addition to the annual membership fee.

* Subject to availability. Annual subscription holders have priority

Registration and ordering

The velostation of Yverdon-les-Bains has reached its maximum capacity. Therefore it’s no longer possible to order a membership. They may be ordered again in our online shop if new places are available.



velostation - Lausanne


Lockers for rent

Subscribers to the velostation of Lausanne can rent lockers available at the parking entrance. The keys are delivered at the Maison du Vélo, Place de l'Europe 1b, 021 533 01 15.

Price for a locker:  CHF 100.-/year or CHF 10.-/month. Priority is given to annual subscribers.

A deposit of CHF 50.-* is requested and payment is made in cash (the Maison du vélo does not possess any card device).

* This deposit will not be returned in case of loss of the key locker and will therefore be used to replace the lock and the keys.



Place de la Gare 3
Sous-sol de la Déchetterie de la gare de Lausanne
1003 Lausanne

Opening hours

24 hours a day, 7 days a week



The Lausanne velostation has 96 parking spaces