Our family

Every day we work to get a little closer to our goal. We strive to offer mobility from start to finish to as many people as possible. We always do our best to act responsibly and to remain agile, and have confidence in our counterparts.

Here are the members of our family.

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Executive Board

Markus Bacher

Chief Executive Officer

Christoph Blaser

Chief Operating Officer

Markus Müggler

Chief Information Officer

Céline Noguera

Chief Sales Officer

Jenny Nuñez

Director of Customer Service

Friedrich Rubin

Chief Financial Officer

HR & Business Development

Christian Dousse

HR Advisor

Philip Weber

Rollout & Quality Management

Sales & Marketing

Rebecca Barth

Marketing Specialist

Lisa Despont-Lenz

Social Media and Content Marketing Specialist

Abel Di Lorenzo

Sales Manager Bern

Mahlet Kabongo Makanza

Marketing and Communication Associate

Rim Richani

Sales Manager Romandie (except Région de Nyon)

Federico Scarpa

Sales Manager Ticino and Région de Nyon

Frank Schirmer

Sales Manager Zurich


Fabian Hausherr

Operations Manager Zurich

Lukas Rohrer

Operations Manager Bern

Andreas Zbären

Product Manager Bike & Parts

David Davlianidze

Technical and Maintenance Romandie

Hung Trieu

Technical and Maintenance Romandie

Patrick Mauron

Technical and Maintenance Romandie

Boris Ziegenhagen

Operations Manager Romandie and Ticino


Nina Frasa

Application Manager

Dominik Ingold

IT Apprentice

Anton Krähenbühl

Application Manager

Annik Reber

Application Manager

Daniel Wismer

Application Manager

Sofian Zubi

Product Owner

Service Desk

Silvia Fiscante

Customer Service Associate

Milena Kessler

Customer Service Associate

Hannelore Langer

Customer Service Associate

Pauline McNamara

Customer Service Associate

Stefanie Mosimann

Customer Service Associate

Sabrina Schenk

Customer Service Associate

Loïck Spicher

Customer Service Associate

Matteo Tritto

Customer Service Associate