PubliBike: mobile from start to finish

Bike-sharing ideally complements private and public means of transportation on short distances. It unburdens the traffic in the city centres and improves the attractiveness of public transportation. Over the past few years, bike-sharing has become increasingly popular all around the globe.


In Switzerland, it is PubliBike that represents this mobile, urban and sustainable service. Since 2009, PubliBike has been offering a number of bike-sharing networks throughout Switzerland and is continuously expanding the programme.


PubliBike is an independent corporation and a wholly-owned subsidiary of PostBus. 

Christian Dousse

HR Advisor

Yves Sommer

System architect

Roman Birrer

IT architect

Anja Zosso

Coordinator marketing branding

Patrick Mauron

Technical and maintenance manager

Lukas Rohrer

Operations manager Bern

Jeannette Grau

Finances and controlling manager

Jenny Nuñez

Customer service manager

Hung Trieu

Technical associate

David Davlianidze

Technical associate

Eva Helmeth

Business analyst

Anna Volknandt

Marketing, digital and community coordinator

Boris Ziegenhagen

Operations manager french-speaking Switzerland

Daniel Wismer

IT operations associate

Céline Noguera

Marketing and communications manager

Dominique Lüthy

Market manager German-speaking Switzerland

Federico Scarpa

Market manager Ticino

Fabian Hausherr

Operations manager Zurich

Luis Gomes

Market manager French-speaking Switzerland

Thomas Hug

Location manager

Tobias Ebinger

Interim CEO

Philip Weber

Rollout & Quality Management

Stefania Cantoni

Customer service associate

Christoph Blaser

Operations manager

Louise Sandoz

Marketing intern

Pauline McNamara

Customer service associate

Rebecca Barth

Trainee customer service Vintage

Hannelore Langer

Customer service associate

Gwenael Gendre

IT & Operations Support

Andreas Zbären

Suplier manager