How it works


Rent a bike

Rent a bike

1. Register and find a station near you
Register via the website or the PubliBike App to borrow a bike or e-bike at any PubliBike station.

2. Rent a bike
Open the bike lock with your smartphone
Open the app and press "Unlock a bike". Then, press the grey button placed on the bike's lock. Keep your smartphone away from the lock.

Open the bike lock with your SwissPass
Press the grey button and put the card on the right side of the padlock screen.

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A pictogramm appears ? That's what it means!

More information about the safety on the bike


Take an intermediate stop

Take an intermediate stop

1. Close the bike lock outside a station
Close the bike lock manually until you hear a “click”.

2. Reopen the bike lock and continue your ride
Reopen the bike lock with your smartphone or your Swisspass.

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End your ride

End your ride

1. Ride to a station and park the bike
Return the bike to an active PubliBike station.

2. Close the bike lock
Close the bike lock manually until you hear a “click”. Make sure that one of the spokes of the wheel does not block the padlock, and that the display shows a check mark or a pause symbol.

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Rent a bike with your smartphone
Rent a bike with the SwissPass
Take an intermediate stop
End your ride

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