10 gute Gründe, PubliBike zu nutzen

10 good reasons to use PubliBike

1. You are cool and trendy

Over the last years, bike sharing's popularity has been increasing worldwide. Choosing bike sharing services is trendy!

2. You're doing something for the environment

Bike sharing is friendly to the environment. Its carbon footprint is low and therefore helps reduce CO2 emissions. Furthermore, most of our e-bikes' batteries are supplied with green, renewable energy.

3. You improve your physical health

Regular physical activity has a positive effect on your fitness level and general health. Riding bikes is a physical activity available to everyone. Ride a PubliBike and take care of your health!

4. You taste happiness and freedom

Do you like to feel the air on your face and in your hair, and feel free as the wind? Do you want to have more flexibility? Then ride a PubliBike!

5. You increase your productivity and your motivation

When you ride a bike, your body produces hormones that stimulate the feeling of well-being. This also increases your productivity and motivation.

6. You are committed to the reintegration and socio-professional inclusion of young people

At PubliBike, maintaining and rebalancing bikes among the stations is done in collaboration with organizations active in professional reintegration and socio-professional inclusion of young people.

7. You participate in relieving traffic congestion

PubliBike is the ideal complement to private or public transportation for short distances. It contributes to relieving traffic congestion while improving the attractiveness of public transport.

8. You participate in mobility's transformation

If you choose multimodality to travel, you contribute to two important phenomena. Reducing the transports' impact on the environment and transforming mobility.

9. You don't need to take care of anything- we take care of everything

From inflating your tires to changing your brakes, PubliBike takes care of everything for you.

10. You don't own a bike, but you have 5,800 bikes at your disposal throughout Switzerland.

Go around quickly and easily thanks to our 5'800 bikes, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in 7 cities in Switzerland.