Tageskarten: Die Schweiz 24 Stunden lang erkunden!

Day pass: Explore Switzerland for 24 hours!

Have a coffee in Lugano in the morning - visit a cosy restaurant on Lake Zurich for lunch and enjoy the evening atmosphere in the vineyards on Lake Geneva to round off the day?

Explore our bike networks in Switzerland with our offer.
Discover Switzerland from the bike saddle for a day - our bikes and e-bikes are at your disposal in our 7 networks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The most important facts in a nutshell:

Where can I buy the day pass? - Thanks to our collaboration with the Zurich Tourismus, from July to September you can buy our day passes in the Tourist Information in Zurich.

My advantages

Our golden rules for using our bikes and e-bikes:



Activate the promo code, enter your contact information and a means of payment - done!

How to use the promo code: New customer // Existing customer

Ausleihen & Fahren

Rent & Ride

Find the station via the map, wake up the bike lock and open it via app or SwissPass - off you go!



Park the bike at a station and close the bike lock manually, watch out for the return with the tick - everything OK? Then the return was successful!

Any questions?

Find the answers to frequently asked questions: FAQ