Tips & Tricks

Discover some tips and tricks to improve your experience with PubliBike!

Tips #1

Winter is fast approaching and the first morning frosts are here. With the cold, the padlock opening mechanism may be a little frozen and need a little push to open. When the "bike on wheels" symbol with the phrase "Lock is open" appears on the display, the padlock may not have opened completely. In this case, open it manually.

When you take the bike back to an active station, close the lock manually until it clicks and check that the symbol "seen" or "pause" appears. These pictograms mean that the bike has been returned correctly.

Tips #2

You’ve returned the bike to an active station, closed the lock by hand, and the display shows the symbol "check mark / tick" or "pause", but the ride is still going in your account? Don't panic, you've got it right!

It can take up to 24 hours for the system to register the return of the bike.

However, if your ride is still ongoing after 24 hours, please contact us via the Hotline (+41 32 501 40 16) or our live chat.

Tips #3

Did you know?

In addition to your smartphone, you can also use a SwissPass to open our bikes! Very handy, especially in winter, so you don't need to take off your gloves to play the piano on your smartphone. And in case of battery failure, the SwissPass is your best friend :-)

If you don't have a SwissPass yet, nothing could be easier: you can get one free of charge at public transport sales points. Don't forget to take a valid identity card and a recent photo with you. More information at

Once received, register your Swisspass on your customer account (on our website only) under "Access Medium"; enter the number found on the back of your SwissPass under the barcode. To rent a bike with your Swisspass, watch this video:

Tips #4

Did you know? Thanks to the map on our website or app, you can see the availability of stations and bikes in real time. In addition, you can also see our e-bikes’ battery charge level.

Once at the station, choose the bike that suits you. Make sure Bluetooth is activated on your smartphone, open the app, and click on "Unlock a bike". Remember to hold your phone a little away from the lock. Then activate the lock by clicking on the the grey button next to the display (behind the saddle).

Watch the video for more info:

A friendly reminder: you can also open a bike with your SwissPass!