Soziale Engagement

PubliBike's social commitment

The maintenance and redistribution of our bikes among the stations is carried out in collaboration with organizations active in the field of professional reintegration and the socio-professional integration. ⁠

These organizations include : Association PRO-JET (Nyon region), Fondation Le Relais (Lausanne-Morges), KA (Bern), ORS (Fribourg), SEB (Zurich).

⁠Today, you will discover why Fabian and Mr Zimmermann, who both work for one of these organizations, enjoy working with PubliBike.

Fabian : "What I like about my job is the fact that I move around the city every day and I know every street in Bern now. For me, the collaboration (with PubliBike) means that I am making an important contribution to ecological mobility in this city."

Mr Zimmermann : "What I like about working with PubliBike is the fact that you work outside and you are quite independent on the road. You can also decide yourself when you want to take a break."⁠

⁠"For me, working at PubliBike means building up my future again, after a long period of unemployment. It helps me a lot to get good references again so that I can find a good job or do an apprenticeship later on."