Madame Frigo

Did you know?


Around a third of all food produced in Switzerland is lost between the farm and the plate


28% of food waste in Switzerland is caused by private households


252g of food is wasted per person every day

Next Stop: Madame Frigo

Eco-responsibility is really important to us at PubliBike. Through our services, we are committed to offering a soft and ecological mobility solution. We are helping to change mobility to support the environment and sustainable development. Under the hashtag #ridetosave, we now also want to join forces with Madame Frigo to fight food waste.

Who is Madame Frigo?

Madame Frigo is a non-profit organization that aims to reduce food waste caused by private households in Switzerland. The focus is on two aspects: building a national network of public fridges as places to exchange food, and raising awareness for a more conscious use of food in private households.

With over 80 locations throughout Switzerland, Madame Frigo has a local & central base. Find a fridge near you.


In Zurich, you can also find here the best way to save your food with PubliBike and, with a bit of luck, you can win a B-More subscription for a year.

How to participate:
Bring your groceries from home to a Madame Frigo. Snap a photo and send it to or tag it on social media with the hashtag #ridetosave.

Good luck!

Madame Frigo