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Network Fribourg

Network Fribourg Copy direct link to this question

Yes, there are a few important things to keep in mind: 

1. Make sure your PubliBike account is active, meaning there is no unpaid invoice or it is not blocked due to other reasons. 
2. Have an accepted payment method at hand before starting the process. The transfer can't be completed without it. 
We currently accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. PostFinanceCard and TWINT will be available soon. 
3. You will need a smartphone to enter your phone number and validate your Velospot account. 
4. Use the same email-adress from your PubliBike account when entering your personal details to create your PubliBike Velospot account. The system requires this information to transfer your subscription.

Yes, you can already download and install the PubliBike Velospot app on your smartphone now. 

Additionally, you can read the FAQs, as some procedures will change, such as the rental, return, and billing processes.

Whether you can upgrade depends on various factors. 

If you are eligible for a free upgrade, a corresponding button will be displayed in your PubliBike account ('Free Velospot Upgrade' or 'Connect Accounts'). 
Please log in to your account to see this option. 

B-Fit / BusinessBike subscription without Velospot accountCustomers with one of these subscriptions can upgrade their PubliBike subscription to a subscription with PubliBike Velospot. 
In such cases, the validity period of the PubliBike subscription is transferred to an equivalent subscription with the same validity period at PubliBike Velospot. 
Please follow the instruction for App in German or French and for website in German or French

B-Quick without a Velospot account: Customers with this subscription register as new customers with Velospot. 
PubliBike customers with a National Minute subscription at Velospot: You can connect both accounts. Please follow the instruction in the linked document (German or French).

Customers who are registered with both PubliBike and PubliBike Velospot and have a paid subscription should contact customer service.

Please note that your PubliBike account must be validated and active. 
If you have an open payment or your account is blocked, the upgrade cannot proceed. 
For further help, please read our FAQs.

Unfortunately, you can no longer use your company/university badge, which was previously usable at PubliBike, in the PubliBike Velospot networks. However, you can register the SwissPass (available for free at SBB) as an RFID card in your customer account. 

The badge will still remain in your PubliBike account    

The merger of PubliBike and PubliBike Velospot has created the largest bike-sharing network in Switzerland. 
The goal is to centralize the rental process in all networks, whether PubliBike or PubliBike Velospot, within the next 1.5 years. 
That means one app, one subscription! 
For our customers, this means to profit from a nationwide network!

The billing for PubliBike was done shortly after the end of the ride, by charging the stored payment method. 

With PubliBike Velospot, the amount is first reserved in a virtual "wallet".
Only after a few days, the amount is then charged to the payment method. Very small amounts are only charged after several weeks.

Yes, it is very important to proceed with the upgrade to PubliBike Velospot using the same email address so that the system recognizes the subscription from your existing PubliBike account and establishes the link and upgrades to Velospot.

The PubiliBike app can only be used for renting in PubliBike networks. 

The PubliBike Velospot app is for renting bikes in all PubliBike Velospot networks.  

The merger of Velospot and PubliBike has created the largest bike-sharing network in Switzerland. We are continuing to work on completing the merge so that every client can use his paid subscription in both networks with no extra fees. 

Currently, only PubliBike customers can benefit from this situation. We are diligently working to offer PubliBike Velospot customers the free upgrade as well. 
We ask for your patience while we implement this, hopefully by the beginning of July

It is possible that during a short transition period, both types of bikes will be found in the new network. 

Our team is working on collecting and replacing all bikes. However, this depends on the type of bike you want to rent: 
PubliBike bikes: with a screen on the lock: PubliBike app. 
New PubliBike Velospot bikes: without a screen: PubliBike Velospot app. 

Otherwise, nothing changes: the number of stations and bikes remains the same. Once the transition is complete, all bikes will only be rented with the PubliBike Velospot app.

You can always keep your PubliBike account to use our bike-sharing service in all other networks. 

 If you are certain you won't need it, you can log into your PubliBike account and delete it. 
Please be aware that this procedure cannot be reversed.

You can use your personal smartphone for renting bike in Fribourg in the new network PubliBike Velospot. 

We recommend limiting the number of phones linked to your account to two. In addition to smartphones, you can also register a SwissPass as an RFID card in your customer account. 
For selected partner companies, a badge is automatically added to your account when it is created.

No, the use of the PubliBike Velospot app is mandatory for renting in Fribourg. The new locks on our bike of PubliBike Velospots can only be opened with the Velospot application.

We understand that TWINT is a preferred payment method for many of our customers. 

We are currently working to make it available for PubliBike Velospot rentals in the near future. 
In the meantime, we kindly ask that you register a credit card in your customer account to ensure seamless and uninterrupted access to our services.

PubliBike is the bike-sharing system including the following networks: Bern, Region de Nyon, Lausanne-Morges, Chur, Scottoceneri, Zurich. It's corresponding colour is pink. 

The name Velospot has changed now to PubliBike Velospot. 

 The following networks are part of PubliBike Velospot: Aarau (mid June), Aigle, Andermatt, Agglo Valais central, Basel, Biel/Bienne, Fribourg, La-Chaux-de-Fonds, Locarnese-Bellinzonese, Martigny, PSI-Villigen, Ravenna, Riviera, St. Petersinseln, Valle di Blenio-Biasca. 

The corresponding colour is currently red, but it will be changing to aubergine in the coming months and years. 

The credit from PubliBike won't be automatically transferred to your PubliBike Velospot account. 

In order to transfer the credit, please contact customer service via our hotline (+41 32 557 50 90) or our live chat. 

We value your feedback and ideas for improvement. Please send them to: 

We may not be able to respond to every request, but will do our best to implement as many of your suggestions as possible. 


General Copy direct link to this question

Our map shows you the locations of all the stations in our networks. 

The color of the station's pin on the map tells you: 
Red with a bike in the circle: active station with bikes available 
Red with an empty circle: active station, no bikes available 
Grey: inactive station, no bikes can be rented or returned there 
Aubergine: stations in Fribourg (previous stations of the PubliBike system, which have been transferred to PubliBike Velospot); please find more details here 
Orange: St. Petersinseln
Blue: Locarnese-Bellinzonese: Separately managed network, see more details here 
Red: Ravenna (separately managed network) 
The coloured circles along the station's pin tell you the availability of bikes at that station: 
black: available number of mechanical bikes 
yellow: available number of e-bikes If you click again you see a list of the station's available bikes and e-bikes, as well as the e-bikes' potential in kilometers.

To link a new smartphone with your PubliBike Velospot account, just install the application and log in to your account. 

To add a SwissPass, please go to “SwissPass” after your log in and click “link SwissPass”. 

To remove your access media: It is not possible to remove your smartphone manually as access media. 
To remove your SwissPass, go to "SwissPass" and click "remove". 
Please note: If you have multiple active subscriptions, you can manually choose and align the SwissPass with one of the subscriptions.

We send out two types of email: 

1. Informative emails
2. Promotional emails, including our newsletter 

To unsubscribe from promotional emails such as our newsletter, log in to your customer account, go to "Profile," choose "Edit," and deselect the option for receiving the newsletter. 

Please note that you will continue to receive informative emails (e.g., info related to your account, your subscription, or our networks).

You can borrow up to 5 bikes within 20 minutes. (Exceptions for some business partners apply). 

Fees for the first bike are billed according to your subscription. Each additional bike is charged at the rate of the B-Quick subscription. Please note: When the 20 minutes have expired, all rented bikes must be returned to a station before a new bike can be rented. Bikes that you borrow with one account can be opened and returned to different stations. See our subscription page for more information on ride fees.

Log into your customer account and go to your profile. Click the button 'Delete my account'. 

You can only delete your account if you don't have any open payments or ongoing rides in your account. You will receive an email afterwards. 
Please note it might take up to a few days until the deletion is completed. In urgent cases, please contact our hotline at +41 32 557 50 90.

We have some networks belonging to PubliBike and other networks belonging to PubliBike Velospot. 

If you want to rent a bike, you need an associated customer account or the app for renting. 
PubliBike networks: Bern, Region de Nyon, Lausanne-Morges, Chur, Scottoceneri, Zurich. 
PubliBike Velospot networks: Aarau (mid-June), Aigle, Andermatt, Agglo Valais central, Basel, Biel/Bienne, Fribourg, La-Chaux-de-Fonds, Locarnese-Bellinzonese, Martigny, PSI-Villigen, Ravenna, Riviera, St. Petersinseln, Valle di Blenio-Biasca.

We try to answer your request as quickly as possible, this takes normally a few days. 

For certain inquiries, the respond time can be longer, for example when treating a demand of an open ride or gather feedback from another department. 
We kindly ask you to wait our reply before contacting us again, as this will prevent an unnecessary increase our volume of customer inquiries and may delay our response.

There are restrictions for some countries, including Russia and Brazil. 

The app is not available for download there. 

Here are the links to download the PubliBike Velospot app: 


Registration Copy direct link to this question

For registration, you need a valid phone number and an email address. You can register either via our website or the PubliBike Velospot app. 

Enter your personal details and validate your account with the SMS received on your smartphone. Afterwards, choose a subscription and register a valid payment method. 
We currently accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express. In July, PostFinance Card and TWINT will be available as a payment method

In your user account on the website or in the app by clicking on "Login" and then "Profile", and start your modifications using the little pencil on the right side. 

For security reasons, your e-mail address and phone number cannot be changed by yourself. Please contact our hotline (+41 32 557 50 90) for support.

Your email address and phone number are registered as unique identification indicators for data protection reasons. To change these, please contact our hotline at +41 32 557 50 90 or reach out to us via live chat.

First, it is necessary to enter a valid smartphone number. A landline number will not work. 

During the validation process, you have the option to resend the SMS to youself or you can correct your phone number. 
If you need further assistance please contact our hotline (+41 32 557 50 90).

When you register, the details about your means of payment are forwarded via a secure connection to the payment provider PostFinance where they are stored.

Yes, https connections are used to transfer data. Registration information sent to us is encrypted. All the information provided is also subject to data protection regulations.


Subscription Copy direct link to this question

An ongoing subscription expires on its end date. Please check your customer account under "Subscriptions" for more details. 

If you would like to change your current subscription, you can buy it via "Buy a subscription" in your customer account. 
Please note, that a new subscription will only be activated after the existing subscription has expired. 
If you want a new subscription to be active immediately, please contact our hotline (+41 32 557 50 90) or write to us via live chat.  

No, none of the subscriptions are automatically renewed. 

You will receive an e-mail reminder before the end of the subscription period. 

We recommend renewing your subscription within five days of its expiration date. The renewal process is simplified and can be completed with just a few clicks. Additionally your RFID card will remain linked to your subscription, which saves you the step of manually linking it again by the customer service. 
If you do not renew within five days, you will need to complete the purchase process from the beginning. 
You can view the renewal date of your subscription in your customer account under 'Subscription'."

Please contact our customer service via our hotline (+41 32 557 50 90) or our live chat. We will find a solution together.

 You can have more than one active subscription in your PubliBike Velospot account, but please note the following: 

- You can only have one active subscription with a purchase value of CHF 0.00. 
- In addition to an annual subscription, you can also purchase another PubliBike Velospot subscription, e.g. a B-Fit local or a daypass for independent networks, such as the St. Peter's Islands or Locarnese/Bellinzonese. 
Please assure to rent the bike with the linked access medium or the correct PIN code.

Payment method

Payment method Copy direct link to this question

Subscriptions and rides can be paid with the currently accepted payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, American Express. PostFinance Card and TWINT should be ready to use in July.

You can change your payment method at any time in your customer account. To do so, go to "Wallet", select "Credit" and then "Purchase Credit". 
To test the validity of your payment method, you will need to make a purchase of at least CHF 1.00. This amount will be added to your Wallet.  

You can view your credit balance on your customer account under "Wallet". The cost of your next ride will automatically be deducted from this credit. 
If you have a B2B subscription this credit can be used for a ride longer than the free minutes included in your subscription, or to open an additional bike for family or friends.

First of all, we ask you to check your PubliBike Velospot account. You may find the answer in your ride history or Wallet. 
If you still have questions or concerns, please contact our customer service at +41 32 557 50 90 or via our live chat. 
To process your request, we will need some additional information, such as the email address from your account, the date and duration of the ride, the name of the station, and any irregularities you may have noticed when borrowing or returning the bike.

You can view your current balance and all transactions directly in your account under 'Wallet'. 
Your payment method is debited either once a week or every four weeks for smaller amounts. 
Therefore, it is possible that you were billed for a ride taken a few weeks ago.


Rental Copy direct link to this question

Please be aware that the available access methods for renting a bike differ within the networks. 
In all networks, you can rent a bike with your SwissPass. 
The use of a badge/ PIN code/ application and is restricted to certain partner companies/ regions. 

To use your SwissPass, you can add it during the registration process or later on in your customer account under 'SwissPass' and then 'Link SwissPass'. 
Your phone is registered as an access method the moment you log into the PubliBike Velospot app. 
In total, we advise you to register one SwissPass/badge and one smartphone for each subscription.

The rental process varies depening on the registrated access media: 
- SwissPass/ Badge: Activate the lock by pressing the on/off button on the lock, then place your card on the lock. 
- Pin code: Activate the lock by pressing the on/off button on the lock, then enter your PIN code. You can find your code any time under "Subscriptions" in your customer account. 
- App: Click on "Unlock a bike", then activate the lock on the bike by pressing the on/off button on the lock. Please make sure to hold your smartphone away from the lock, as its contactless technology may interfere with Bluetooth and prevent the lock from opening. 

A successful rental is confirmed by beeps and a green light. 
Note: If you have more than one active subscription, please make sure to select the correct one before renting a bike."

If the lock does not open, proceed as follow: 
- PIN code: Enter the code again, making sure you use it as displayed in your subscription. 
- SwissPass/Badge: Present your card again on its own, without any other cards that could interfere. 

Additionally, make sure that a spoke is not blocking the lock. Try moving the back wheel to free up the lock. 
If the lock still does not open, try gently lifting the lever by hand. 

If you see a red light on the lock, there may be an issue with your customer account. Please check if you have an active subscription, no unpaid amounts, or no other ongoing rides. 
Also, check the map to make sure that the bike is not blocked and is available for renting. 
If the problem persists, please contact our customer service team via our hotline at +41 32 557 50 90 or via our live chat.

The approximate range is displayed for each e-bike in kilometers. Go to the station map in the app or on the website and click on the pin that represents the station. You will then see the number of available bikes and e-bikes. Click on an e-bike to get the information.

No, reservations are not possible. PubliBike Velospot offers a dense network of stations. If there are no bikes left at a station, the app will show you the nearest station on the map. It will also tell you how many bikes are still available.

The rental period is restricted to 24 consecutive hours. After this period, the bike is considered lost. Please note that the rental period is not completed until the bike has been returned to a station and the ride is completed (by manual closure of the lock). 
All costs up to the time it is returned will be charged to payment method registered in your account. 

If you discover a damage before rental, please report this via the app (select the bike at the station and choose "Report a damage".) 
You can also use a form in your application -> Help-> Report damage. 

If you discover a damage after rental, you have 2 minutes to close it again at the same station before beeing charged. In this case, simply lock the bike manually, report the damage and rent a different one. 
For any fees charged incorrectly please contact our Customer Service via our hotline (+41 32 557 50 90) or our live chat.


Ride Copy direct link to this question

If you make a stop to go shopping, for example, proceed as following: 
- Make sure to not leave the bike too close to a station (otherwise the ride will be completely closed and you won't properly not be able to reopen it after the break). 
- Lock the bike by closing the lever of the lock on the back wheel. 
- After your break you just open the bike again like when you first rented it, using the app, your SwissPass or your pin. 

(!) Be aware that a break does not mean that you will not be billed for this time. The rental period and the fees continue until the bike has been returned and locked at an active station.

Simply click on the timer displayed on the map screen. Then you'll see details for all your ongoing rides. 

If you have an accident involving the bike, you are obliged to report it immediately to the customer service (+41 32 557 50 90) or live chat. 
You must call the police if third parties are involved. 

If your bike breaks down, take it to the nearest station, close the bike if possible and report the damage via the app or contact customer service. 
As a reminder: during a ride, the customer is responsible for the bike. Therefore, before registering, it is necessary to take out third party liability insurance or equivalent insurance in accordance with the general terms and conditions of use.

It is not compulsory to wear a helmet in Switzerland for bikes and e-bikes under 45 km/h. Our e-bikes cannot exceed 25 km/h. For a safe ride, we recommend that you wear your own bike helmet.

Report the loss/ theft immediately to the customer service (+41 32 557 50 90) who will tell you how to proceed. Please note that you are responsible for the bike.


Return Copy direct link to this question

Please return the bike to an active station within the same network from where you rented it. 
Press the on/off button on the lock, push the lever down and hold it for 2/3 seconds until you hear two beeps and see two green lights, confirming the physical closure of the lock. 
Within 30 seconds, you will receive the confirmation via the app or email that the ride has been succesfully completed (otherwise please check your spam). 
IMPORTANT: It is not possible to close the lock and end the ride via the app.

No, the bike must be returned to an active station in order to complete the rental. Additionally, you can only return the bike within the same network from which you initially rented it. Returning a PubliBike bike in a PubliBike Velospot network is not possible and the ride will remain open. The costs are to be paid by you as the customer. 
The rental period ends once the bike is parked at a station within range of the totem and the lock is manually closed. If there is no space available within the designated area, please park the bike as close to it as possible. 
Please be aware that a fee of CHF 20 will be charged if a bike needs to be manually closed by our local operation team. This amount will be deducted directly from your registered payment method.

Please inform our hotline (+41 32 557 50 90) or write to us via live chat at witch station/ site you left the bike. We will send our local team to retrieve the bike, adjust the costs if needed and close the ride in your account

You will typically receive confirmation within 30 seconds, although occasionally it may take up to 60 seconds. If the ride remains open beyond this time frame, please attempt to open and close the lock again. Alternatively, you can move the bike closer to the station totem.
Furthermore, we advise you to wait 10 minutes after manually closing the bike's lock at a station. 
If you have not received a confirmation of the completed rental after 10 minutes, please contact our hotline (+41 32 557 50 90) or reach out to us via live chat

We ask you to return to the station and close the lock yourself. If you are unable to do so, please contact our hotline (+41 32 557 50 90) to report the issue. 
Please note that a fee of CHF 20 will be charged if a bike needs to be closed by our local operation team. This amount will be directly deducted from your registered payment method.