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Media releases

18.10.2022 PubliBike is reducing its CO2 emissions
27.07.2022 Merger of PubliBike AG and Intermobility SA leads to the largest bike-sharing network in Switzerland
27.06.2022 Voi and PubliBike work together for Bernese mobility (DE)
22.06.2022 Price adjustments for private customers at PubliBike
31.01.2022 PubliBike under new ownership
15.12.2021 Shared Mobility erhält eine nationale Stimme; PubliBike ist dabei (DE)
28.09.2021 The Mendrisiotto-Basso Ceresio network is almost complete (FR)
13.09.2021 Reopening the last stations in the Lausanne-Morges network
26.05.2021 PubliBike's Bike sharing offer doubles in Ticino (DE)
05.05.2021 National business partnership with Volvo Switzerland
14.01.2021 PubliBike AG is now a subsidiary of Swiss Post PubliBike
02.11.2020 33 stations are back in operation in Lausanne-Morges
05.10.2020 18 stations are back in operation in Lausanne-Morges
14.09.2020 Reopening of the Fribourg Network
03.09.2020 Partial Reopening of the Lausanne-Morges Network
27.08.2020 Temporary closure of the Fribourg network (DE)
08.07.2020 The Nyon Region and PubliBike inaugurate four new stations (FR)
22.06.2020 PubliBike to change pricing for private customers
14.05.2020 The Lugano-Malcantone network is growing
23.04.2020 Extension of the Région de Nyon Network (FR)
15.01.2020 “Züri Velo” – 150 stations, 1 million journeys
05.12.2019 PubliBike continues to focus its offering
14.11.2019 Direction PubliBike
05.09.2019 Inauguration of PubliBike network in Glattal
01.07.2019 Media release Future of PubliBike
28.03.2019 The Lugano-Malcantone network expands
28.03.2019 "Züri Velo": More than 270,000 bicycles borrowed in the first year
21.03.2019 Sion’s bike sharing network is expanding with two new stations
15.03.2019 New bike sharing stations opened in Köniz
21.12.2018 Media release PubliBike (DE)
24.09.2018 PubliBike bikes back on the roads in Fribourg as well (DE)
24.09.2018 PubliBike bikes back on the roads in Zurich as well
14.09.2018 PubliBike bikes back in operation soon (DE)
04.09.2018 Agglo Fribourg-Freiburg : Des vélos retirés de la circulation pour être améliorés (FR)
23.08.2018 The bicycles in Zurich are removed in and retrofitted
19.08.2018 Bikes in Bern to be recalled and upgraded
17.08.2018 PubliBike retrofits locks
14.08.2018 Locks were illegally opened on the "Velo Bern" network
05.07.2018 La Ville de Sierre teste la formule des vélos en libre-service (FR)
03.07.2018 75% e-bikes in new “Agglo Fribourg-Freiburg” bike sharing network
28.06.2018 “Velo Bern” now open
13.06.2018 PubliBike is modernizing the “La Côte” bike sharing network
01.05.2018 Installation work starting in Bern (DE)
26.04.2018 Modernization of the Agglo Fribourg network
06.04.2018 Launch of “Züri Velo”
21.03.2018 Sion's modernized bike sharing network ready for launch
18.09.2017 New system in Lugano
21.08.2017 New System in Lausanne-Morges (FR)
20.06.2017 Bike sharing in Zurich (DE)
14.06.2017 Switzerland’s largest bike sharing scheme taking shape in Bern

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