"I often ride my bike from home to the office and/or to the supermarket; the advantage is that I can make a stop right in front of the store entrance. I love PubliBike for these short trips. My private bike is in the basement and it's hard to take it out every time to do these little errands. I have less outings with my bike since my daughter arrived :-)"


"I use my bikes for (almost) everything. The daily bike for the routine with the kids, the groceries, the laptop and the trailer around town. The racing bike for short and long rides around Bern. The Pedersen for walks and rides. The folding bike only once in a while. The cargo bike (thanks Carvelo2Go) for bigger transports and for family trips. The mountain bike for the Bantiger and Schwarzkopf and the Schänzli with the kids. The Bibici for wedding receptions ....And of course PubliBike to go back to the other bikes when I get too far away from them or when I don't have legs anymore while jogging. 

I bought almost all my bikes second hand or had them brought to me."


"When I go to the gym, I always use PubliBike for home/fitness and fitness/home trips! It's very useful and, in addition, it allows me to warm up (muscles and joints)! It's perfect before working out."


"I use the bike as a means of transportation in combination with the train. During my time off, to go to the grocery store, to visit friends or to go to an appointment. The fact that I can access PubliBike from any station at any time is very useful and has already been helpful in many situations (when I was in a hurry, to go to other cities, to come back from a party, to make long trips) :-)"


"I use the bike for everything:

On Mondays, to complete the train trip: the Riese & Müller Birdy folding bike. For trips of more than 20km or to pull a 40kg trailer: the 45 km/h bike. For the short trip around town, the market, shopping, travel, weekend trips or even the big trip of 18 months in 2016-2017: the travel bike. In test at the moment, a HP Velotechnik Streetmachine electrified recumbent bike modified by me. To see if it is more suitable than a straight 45 km/h... The cargo bike to carry children or pizza to go. And to really show off or when the weather is very bad, the Leitra velomobile developed in 1977!"


"Not having a car, I use the bike everywhere and all the time! With or without a trailer, 27.5 or 29 inches, shared or not, with or without a battery, I ride and it rolls!"


"My bike is rarely on the road... But rather in the dirt... and that's how it looks most of the time.

I use it almost every day for rides on our property, to visit the cows on the mountain pasture, or for a quick trip to the mountain cheese factory. And when I go to town, I have to carwash it first and remove all the dirt with the pressure washer."

Philips Velo
Philips Velo