Learning to ride a bike with PubliBike

In Zurich, refugees learn how to cycle. Some courses use PubliBike's robust and comfortable bikes.


Züri Velo is being extended

Starting this summer we will expand our network in Zurich. There will be 17 bike sharing stations in the municipalities of Dübendorf, Opfikon, Wallisellen and Kloten.

Riding digitally with PubliBike

National Digital Day will take place again on 3 September 2019. For the third time, the whole day will focus on digitisation.


5 tips and tricks to enjoy PubliBike this summer

That's it, summer is here. Sun, swimming pool, barbecue, outings and walks are on the agenda every day. And summer is also the ideal time to get around town easily and quickly with PubliBike! Discover our 5 simple and effective tips to make the most of your freedom on two wheels during these sunny weeks.

The Agglo Fribourg-Freiburg network is expanding

The PubliBike Agglo Fribourg-Freiburg network was expanded from 9 to 21 stations. 


Summer is here

This year, summer temps arrived later than expected. But now that sunny days have returned, chilling during the long-awaited summer evenings, diving in cool waters or eating a delicious ice cream are activities which can be enjoyed again. Why not experience all these things in a new city?


Yellow and black on the way

On Saturday, 25 May 2019, the cup ceremony took place at the Stade de Suisse in Bern and was celebrated extensively. There was a special surprise during the half-time break. 


A long tradition

I still remember it very well. For me, the trip to the BEA has always been one of the highlights of the year: going there with public transport, the Ferris Wheel (even if most of the time, I only admired it from the ground), watching how the Berlin balls, as well as all the works of art made of vegetables in the Green Centre, are made.

The Lugano-Malcantone network extends

The PubliBike Lugano-Malcantone network will be further expanded from 31 to 38 stations. Seven new workstations will be operational on 29 March.



Happy birthday "Züri Velo"

"Züri Velo" has grown to 112 stations and 1400 bikes in its first year. Since April 2018, customers have made around 270,000 trips.

PubliBike Vintage

Each station consists of a terminal and docking stations where you can identify yourself and remove or return your bike. The terminal shows you the nearest stations and sales points for purchasing day passes.


Celebrating spring in the city!

Now that the days are warmer again, the idea of using your bike more often doesn't seem completely out of place to you either? Whether you are a complete newcomer to the cycling scene or a seasoned bike fanatic, come join us at the Urban Bike Festival, where everything revolves around bikes.

"Velo Bern" has been extended

Today, 15 March 2019, Köniz became the first  municipality in the agglomeration of Bern with a bike sharing network.


The story of a PubliBike station

There are already over 300 stations throughout Switzerland where you can borrow a bike or e-bike. But how long does it take for a station to actually be ready and why are there places in a network without a station? 

Digital Day

On 25 October 2018, Digital Day will enter its second round and we will be back in Zurich. Visit our stand at Sihlpost and take part in our "Digital Hunt" competition.


A weekend on two wheels

The last late summer days are over and autumn has arrived. Before time flies far too quickly again, I would like to take full advantage of the sunny autumn days. To do that, you don't have to travel far at all. 


Back to work – at the peak of fitness!

September is here! The holidays are already over and this year, we can say that we had a truly beautiful summer. We hope that your batteries are fully recharged and that you're keen to devote some time to sports once you return to work!

Official inauguration of the new Lugano-Malcantone network: come and try it out!

Today, we are inaugurating our new Lugano-Malcantone network, a project to extend the Lugano network to Basso Malcantone and Vedeggio, involving many municipalities and companies.

Enjoy the freedom of limitless mobility

With the new SBB Green Class mobility subscription, you can easily and conveniently combine different means of transport at your convenience. There are now four electric cars to choose from.

Restart from 17 September

All our bikes in Bern, Zurich and Fribourg are available again.

After numerous locks of PubliBike bikes in Berne, Zurich and Fribourg were manipulated and bicycles were stolen, PubliBike recalled them in order to retrofit the locks. In the meantime, PubliBike, together with the lock manufacturer, have been able to retrofit all the locks to safety standards.


A summer’s day in Sion with PubliBike

The capital of Valais is known as Switzerland’s sunniest town, so what better opportunity to discover it than a summer’s day!


#MidiAutrement – Exploring the «Basse Ville» of Fribourg

Summer, holidays, the sun and shady terraces live... Who wouldn't like to have a lunch break by the water, eat a fresh organic salad made from regional ingredients in the shade of a parasol while spreading your toes under the table?

(continue in French)


Switzerland's most beautiful beaches – by bike

This summer, leave the car behind in the garage and head for the sun on two wheels, not four! Every region offers idyllic beaches that you can easily reach on a bike from PubliBike


Bern by bike: discover the ideal way to tour the capital

Thanks to the brand-new Velo Bern network, it's easier than ever before to savour the delights of the Federal capital. Here are some routes that will guarantee an unforgettable getaway.

Sierre enters the dance

After Lausanne-Morges and Lugano at the end of 2017, followed by Sion, Zürich, La Côte, Berne and Fribourg this year, it is now Sierre's turn for the new PubliBike bike sharing service. Open immediately!

The bike sharing network "Agglo Fribourg-Freiburg" is now open: come try our new system!

This morning, PubliBike and the agglomeration of Freiburg, together with media and guests from the public and private sector, inaugurated the new bike sharing network "Agglo Fribourg-Freiburg". After a few weeks of modernization work, the newly expanded network is open again!


Bike sharing: Switzerland ahead of the pack

From being a marginal system just ten years ago, bike sharing has now become an essential feature of most large urban areas and far from being an exception to the rule, Switzerland is now an integral part of the movement.

Starting today our network "Velo Bern" is open!

Today, Thursday 28 June, the "Velo Bern" network was officially opened together with the main sponsors, the Migros Aare cooperative and Swiss Post, invited guests and media representatives.

The new Lugano-Malcantone network is open : come try it out!

Starting today, the six stations in the municipalities of Agno, Caslano, Manno, Magliaso and Sorengo are finally ready for you. In the coming weeks five additional stations will be gradually integrated into the network.


View of La Côte: the most beautiful rides in Nyon

Perfectly situated between Lausanne and Geneva, the town of Nyon is the ideal starting point to discover one of Switzerland’s most beautiful regions. From lakeshore rides and forest trips to terrace strolls and cultural visits, follow the guide and embark on a tailor-made tour à la PubliBike!

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